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Like a Fairy Tale by YaoiYuriTwins Like a Fairy Tale by YaoiYuriTwins
Man this took a while to finish XD; Seriously I sometimes wonder if my cracky ideas are worth the time -w-; cause I have no idea if you guys will even like this or not XD;

Explanation time~!

:iconmegan-wolf:: I was gonna make you a princess but you said you hate dresses, like being evil, and we already discovered you're my villain so I couldn't resist. You're like a mix of the evil queen and the big bad wolf XD; ...and I get the feeling that the apple isn't poisoned but it still can't be good for me -w-;

Me: Sadly there are similarities between me and my least favourite princess Snow White. I'm kinda oblivious and naive when people don't like me and I'm faaaaaar too trusting. I seriously love apples so this trick will probably work on me everytime XD; that and in some rps I live with a bunch of gay men and I hang around animals XD;

:iconryoushipper:: You get to be Sleeping Beauty because you seem to either be online or sleeping XD; I think it's fitting and you do say you have 'blond' moments *shot* You're dress is purple cause 1 you love the colour and 2 it's a mix of the pink and blue versions :3 You were my fav to draw cause your chibi is all sleepy and adorable~

:icondefyinggravity11:: You're Belle cause you said you didn't mind and she also seems unaware of just how pretty she is <3 Give yourself some credit love~ Blue cause it's pretty and you said you wouldn't mind a blue dress XD I think you match your princess the most XD;

:iconthepsychwriter:: And finally my newest love Ali~ You're Rapunzel because she's the newest princess like how you're the newest to the love and you haven't watched anything Disney till recently XD; It works. That and spoilers not really: Rapunzel ends up with cute short hair that kinda looks a lot like yours end spoiler it works X3 Green cause I thought it'd look really pretty with your red hair :3 that and purple was taken by Tina XD

So yes, this is why I shouldn't watch so much disney with my nephew, shit like this happens XD; The reason I'm still single is cause I haven't met any of you for reaaaaaaal!!! that and I'm straight *shot* Love you guys~ :heart:

My internet loves belong to themselves and all thigns disney/pixar belong to themselves XD;
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November 5, 2011
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